Well Crap

Published: 12 Aug 2023
I am once again asking you for help finding a job

Like many in this industry right now, I have found myself on the wrong side of the downsizing line.

While I’m saddened by my departure from my former company, I’m looking forward to new opportunities and experiences. Mostly, I’m looking for work on the AWS Operations side of things. I would love to find a place that has a focus on education and developer advancement. One of the big struggles in consulting is finding time to advance my own career interests while also staying on top of client work. I’d really like to find a place that encourages pair programming and has resources available for continued education.

During my down time, I plan to do a lot of studying and start working on some projects to help reinforce some of the project ideas I’ve been putting off. Hopefully this blog will start seeing some more regular updates while I focus on learning new things.

Out side of job related things, I have been riding my bike a lot. I’m not super fast or anything, but I have found I really enjoy cycling and have been streaming my structured workout rides on Twitch for the last few weeks. I have been asked a few times about my setup so I’ll be publishing a post soon about how I do my cycling workouts.

I look forward to writing more regular posts soon. Have a great day everyone.

Written by: R.James Solenberg