New keyboard day!

Published: 14 Feb 2023
Because, clearly I needed fewer keys on my keyboard

A bit of history

I’ve been using split keyboards since the 90’s. It all started with a Microsoft split keyboard my dad gave to me when I hurt my shoulder. When I first started looking around for split mechanical keyboards I was ecstatic to find quite a few options.

Mechanical keyboard wise, it all started with a Let’s Split. It was small, portable, and split completely in half allowing me to keep my arms wide. It was great taking it back and forth to work. I never quite got used to the full ortho linear life though. Something about the keys being in a perfect grid never really meshed well with me. It didn’t take me long to start looking for alternatives.

My next keyboard was the ErgoDox Infinity. I loved almost everything about this board. I really enjoyed the odd looks I got when I pulled it out of my bag. The biggest problem I had was that it was really just a touch too big for my hands. I couldn’t quite reach the thumb cluster.

While using the ErgoDox, I dabbled with the idea of building a Dactyl Manuform. I got as far as ordering the parts and printing the case, but I just never quite found the motivation to actually build the thing.

At this point, despite my issues with the ErgoDox thumb cluster, I was pretty happy. I really wasn’t looking for a new board as much as a co-worker enabled me by introducing me to the ErgoDash. The thumb cluster on this board was much smaller, and also closer to the main keys. It was significantly more comfortable for me to type on. I’ve been using it daily since 2019.

Enter the Corne. I really wanted a wireless keyboard. I have so much stuff on my desk and wires going everywhere. I’m trying to simplify my workspace a little as well as having a somewhat more portable situation for my keyboard. I liked the form factor even though I was losing my number row and a couple of odd keys in the middle of the board.

Anyhow, all of that is how I got here. Typing up this post has helped me identify gaps in my key map. It will be interesting to see how it changes over time. I will do a follow up post eventually with my key map when I get it sorted.

corne keyboard with my macbook and trackpad on my table

NOTE: This post was typed slowly, and with many errors on my new keyboard.

Written by: R.James Solenberg